We finally got around to taking Enzo to a park this past weekend.  I think we were all getting bored in the house, so I figured we might as well get the little man outside.  It just so happens there’s a fairly decent park not too far from us and despite there being a softball game going on, there weren’t too many kids at the playground.

Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t a big fan of the swings…

Swings1 Swings2

The slide, however, he thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to go again, and again, and again.  Thankfully with so few kids there, he was able to as many times as he wanted since the bigger kids weren’t really into such a tiny slide.

Slide1 Slide2

We didn’t hang out for too long, but let Enzo get comfortable walking on the gravel and then we had a snack before deciding to get in the car and heading towards home.  While we weren’t there long, the little man passed out in the car, so we made a detour to Dairy Queen and drove around for a bit to let Mr. Enzo have a nice little snooze before we got home.  I think next up we’ll try a park with a splash pad and see how he does… maybe give those swings another try as well. 😉