22 Weeks

Not much is new in terms of baby news.  I’m definitely feeling her kick more regularly, though, which is always comforting. As with Enzo my placenta is anterior, which explains why I didn’t feel either of them really early on, or at least not often. Since my next appointment isn’t until 28 weeks, it’ll at least be comforting that I can feel her reassuring kicks that all is well.

Week 22

As for being pregnant during the summer… yeah, I don’t necessarily recommend it.  This past week has been brutal and my work attire has been a bit more casual than work generally encourages, but I don’t care.  Tank tops, skirts and sandals are what got me through. Okay, enough complaining, it could be worse.  I could be 40 weeks pregnant now and dealing with this heat. :p

Week 22-2

One thought on “22 Weeks

  1. Sharon

    You are carrying her much higher than with Enzo, so glad you can feel the kicking, I always loved that too!

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