I’ve been fortunate enough to get to work from home one day a week for a few weeks now, and I’m definitely enjoying it.  It’s been fun for Enzo to have his dad take him to day care that day, and also gets him used to when Josh will most likely be doing more drop-off/pick-ups in the near future.  Once the two of them rush out of the house, it’s amazing how quiet the house is… granted, I get glimpses of this in the early mornings before the two of them get up, but I’ve gotten so used to my rowdy boys, it’s almost strange how quiet the house is when they aren’t there.


The cats almost immediately come out and stretch and make themselves at home. Generally Ziggy is found downstairs or under the bed when Enzo is home, but during the day she’ll often lounge at the top of the stairs when she isn’t in Josh’s chair.


It’s hard to say how the furballs are going to react to yet another small human.  It probably won’t be too bad in the beginning since Baby Girl won’t be able to move – they didn’t really start to avoid Enzo until he was mobile.  Still, two small kiddos, one incredibly needy cat, and one neurotic cat will be interesting.


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