Flashback Friday

I’ve been going through some photos lately and came across some old scanned in photos of the cats from when they were little.   Uzi really hasn’t changed much, as you can see.


Just kind of a miniature version of the cat he is now.


Ziggy, however, was the tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen when Becky brought her home.  I remember that I had bought her a little kitty toy to give her, only when Ziggy came walking out of the room I realized the toy was pretty much the same size as her… she was absolutely itty bitty – like a big mouse. Apparently she wasn’t to remain a runt, though. 😉


Ah, memories.

One thought on “Flashback Friday

  1. Sharon

    How cool, I’m glad you found the pictures, it’s always fun to see how much change there has been. Remember the cat nip in the carrier when I picked up Uzi, Chesney and I couldn’t figure out what the heck was wrong with him, he was flying all over our office, ah good times.

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