Week 23

Yeah, another week without an official belly shot.  Saturday morning I had to run errands and when I returned we just got a little busy doing stuff around the house, and then Sunday morning we decided to go to the zoo, and would have taken a picture before leaving, except we were in a hurry to get the little man in the car as he (and I) were both cranky.  Thankfully a day at the zoo was just what we needed, but I’ll do a separate post for that.


As for the wee girl, though – her kicks are becoming more and more noticeable as time progresses, and I forgot how wonderful it feels to be able to feel those movements so strongly, and with my hand.  Sure, sometimes it’s uncomfortable – when she’s feet down and it’s late at night or as I sit at my desk, but it’s so much fun at the same time. Less than 4 months to go and then we’ll welcome our little lady into the world.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of baking and cooking this past weekend.  I decided to try out some veggie pancakes that included zucchini and carrots, and we all really enjoyed them – almost like zucchini bread in pancake form once I tweak the recipe I found online a bit.

Veggie Pancakes

Then Enzo and I made banana bread – I went with a healthier version than I usually do so that it was a tad more nutritious for Enzo to munch on as well.


I think his favorite part was helping to mash the bananas, which isn’t too surprising. He only flung a few forkfuls. 😉


I’ve definitely been on more of a baking/cooking kick lately, which probably isn’t a bad thing.  I also made a big batch of chili this weekend, but alas, Enzo was only interested in the kidney beans. We have a hard time getting him to eat anything that has too much “sauce.”  I guess it’s too messy for him since he still hasn’t mastered the fork, and hasn’t shown much interest in doing so lately.  Ah well, all in good time.


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