23 Months

Well, just a month to go until our gal turns 2.  She might as well be already considering how much older she seems lately, and changed.  In just a month certain skills have improved vastly, she’s gained new words and in general she is just more and more… Phoebe.


Our sassy little spitfire can be quite a handful at times, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She has mastered the pout with slightly turned down face and eyes looking upward and can also shriek her opinion loud enough for neighbors to hear.  She also has an infectious grin and mischievous sense of humor that are hard not to love.  Being the big girl that she is, she has been even more adamant lately that she do everything by herself, which is pretty cute, especially when she says, “I do it!”  I remember Enzo saying the exact same thing.  Thankfully, though, I can still count on her to always demand that I carry her to the living room in the morning, so she still acknowledges that she needs me for something.


I still remember when we found out we were having a girl and I was so uncertain about it.  I shouldn’t have been concerned at all.  Phoebe is such a fun mixture of girly-girl and tomboy.  She loves all things and purple and loves her pony tails (which I fail at miserably), but she is also a big fan of cars and trucks and while she may not enjoy getting her hands dirty she is a wild woman who climbs, jumps and has not trouble keeping up with her big brother.  She still loves to sing and dance and lately she wants to do “Ring-a-Rosie” all the time.


All too soon I’m going to stop hearing her say, “Hold you?” and it shall be a sad day indeed.  Someone tell this girl to slow down and not grow up so fast. I can’t take how fast this time is going by!!