Little Things

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes the predictions of a slightly warmer winter are true.  We got a weather warning for the first frost of the year, and I’m really not ready for it.  Granted, I enjoy cuddling up with something hot to drink just as much as anyone, but I’m not looking forward to the below freezing winds howling outside our windows and the cold seeping in everywhere.  Phoebe especially is not too keen about winter.  She wouldn’t even go out into the garage this morning when she realized it was much colder than it has been and immediately stepped back in the house and wanted me to carry her.


Right there with ya, Phoebe.  I am, however, grateful that our office changed to a casual dress code this year, so I’ll at least be more cozy at work and can wear actual winter boots instead of worthless dress boots that do nothing to keep the cold out. Always look on the bright side, right?  Not always the easy thing to do, especially when life gets stressful and throws you curve-balls, but I have to remind myself that it could always be worse and we always get through it.  I just also have to remind myself that it usually takes until the last moment when freaking out seems to be the only option that everything rights itself and you’re allowed a heavy sigh of relief.


Ha ha ^ This is how I feel.  I think I need a super productive weekend, but also to get out and get some very brisk fresh air with our two munchkins.  Maybe a nice drive before all the fall colors disappear… they’ve been so beautiful.

Happy Friday!