Oh, the Randomness of Kids…

Sometimes it amazes me how up and down and all over the place small children can be. Their moods can go from happy to sad to mad to silly and back again all in a matter of minutes.  What I really love, though, are the random things that they’ll bring up – often out of nowhere.


So, when Enzo suddenly asked for a trumpet one day, I was surprised, but not entirely.  Apparently he needed a trumpet like Quincy (from Little Einsteins), so I told him I’d see what I could find. Part of me figured he’d forget after a day or two, but when he asked the next day if I was going to the store to get him a trumpet, I realized he wasn’t going to let this one go.  Hooray for Amazon and Prime shipping.


He was ridiculously excited when his trumpet showed up and after testing it out inside the house announced that he needed to take his trumpet outside, which is what we did.  We really don’t need any excuses to get out on a nice day, but he very happily ran around tooting his horn.  He gets very serious when playing it and while it’s still early to see what kind of interests will stick with him as he gets older, I wouldn’t be too surprised if music was one of them.


Both kids are very into music, which I love.  Lately both kids have been enjoying dance parties in the kitchen and it’s a nice alternative to them asking for TV, so even if it means listening to lots of Disney tunes and The Gummy Bear song, I’ll take it.  With luck their musical taste will change with time, right?