3 Years Old

It’s hard to believe that today our Enzo is 3 years old.  How is it that so much time can pass in the blink of an eye?  I know every mom says that, but it’s oh so very true.  I will never forget the day I became a mom and the moment he was put in my arms.  No one can prepare you for the moment you first hold your child and see the face you’ve been picturing in your mind for so long.  They feel like old friends and you experience the kind of overwhelming love that only a parent can understand.  It’s safe to say that our son’s arrival was one of the best days of my life (and one of the most difficult).  I will forever remember his squishy cheeks and how we laughed when we realized he wouldn’t fit into his going home outfit because he was too big for it.



You are strong-willed and spirited, and because of this I know you will be successful in whatever you choose to do one day.  You don’t take no for an answer, which is often exasperating at this stage in your life, but one day this persistence will pay off.  You’re a risk taker, but also cautious and know your limits.  You’re determined and fairly independent, which is quite nice when you decide to wake up early and turn on the lights and play by yourself while letting your parents sleep in.


You’re clever and curious and also very observant.  You often catch things that others around you don’t, and I know I can count on your keen eye to spot bald eagles or other fun things when we’re in the car together.  Maybe one day we’ll finally see that elephant you’re always looking for. In the meantime, your imagination is big and we love listening to the games you come up with as well as the stories you tell.


One of your most endearing qualities is how much you care about your little sister. You don’t like to see her sad and (usually) like to lend your assistance in taking care of her, especially during day care drop off when you make sure she sits down to eat her food.  You like to read to her and include her in your games (even when she isn’t always as cooperative as you’d like).  You are nurturing and sweet and take such good care of her and your animal friends.


You are mischievous with a naughty laugh and a grin with the cutest dimple and you’ve already discovered that your parents will often cave if you’re being ridiculously cute.  This will sometimes earn you extra snuggle time in front of the TV when you should be sleeping and extra treats that we share in secret.  I hope we’ll always have these special stolen moments, even when you’re much too cool to hang out with your mom and watch things like Downton Abbey with her.  Love you, Stinker!


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