Cookie Fun

A few weeks ago the kids and I were bored while Josh had to spend a weekend working, so we decided to make some cookies.  I may not know how to draw or do cute little art projects, but I can definitely bake, and the kids were more than happy to lend a hand.


I grabbed a couple of chairs and set the kids up while I grabbed ingredients and Enzo proceeded to test them all out.  He checked the consistency of the flour and sugar and decided what he would dump into the bowl and what Phoebe would.


I couldn’t easily take pictures during the ingredient adding steps, but they both took turns and surprisingly kept most items in the bowl.  I did have to wait to open the chocolate chips until the end, though, since that was all they cared about once they realized what kind of cookies were being made.


The highlight was the mixer, though.  Enzo didn’t used to like it, but Phoebe loves the mixer… and the blender and the coffee grinder and the vacuum, come to think of it. Loud noises don’t typically bother her and even when I vacuum she runs up and laughs.  It’s nice, though, because once Enzo realizes something doesn’t bother Phoebe he’s more likely to not mind as much either.


If only this worked with foods they don’t like.  It doesn’t matter how many green beans Enzo eats – Phoebe won’t touch them, and as for other delicious amazing veggies… well neither will touch sweet potatoes anymore.  Sweet potatoes of all things… the tastiest “veggie” out there.  At least they’ll eat peas and sometimes broccoli.  I’ll take it.  Oh, and let’s not forget chocolate chip cookies. They’ll both eat those.



So many of those. Especially when they’re Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

4 thoughts on “Cookie Fun

  1. Sharon

    I love Enzo’s look, it’s like he tasting each ingredient of the cookie to make sure it came out just right, like somebody tasting a sip of wine 🙂

  2. Heather

    Ha ha, yep, only he discovered that most of the ingredients by themselves (like flour) do not taste good, which is why we don’t dip our finger in everything. :p

  3. Joanne

    Baking with those cuties sounds like so much fun!! And they DON’T LIKE SWEET POTATOES?! Hmm. Sounds strange to me.

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