35 Weeks

Only 5 weeks to go!!  I finally went to see a chiropractor this past week and wish I had done so sooner.  Now I just need to be better about doing my stretches daily and prepping myself for the big day.  They say the last month is the hardest, and I’d have to agree.  I just feel heavy and tired and the belly can be a tad cumbersome.

Week 35

Don’t get me wrong, though – I’m just as nervous this time around as the first.  I do have a better idea of what to expect during labor, however, I also know that you can plan for nothing, so I really can only prepare so much as anything could happen. I could be in for another long delivery, or Baby Girl could decide to come fast and furiously.  While I’m not as nervous about becoming a parent again, I am nervous about having two kiddos. I remember how exhausting a newborn can be both physically and mentally, and now we’ll have a toddler who has his own routines and is used to being the center of attention, if you will.  I guess all we can do is prepare for the adjustment period and do our best to take it one day at a time as we create new routines and get used to becoming a family of four.  As of tomorrow only 4 weeks until our due date, which also means she could come at any time.  Let’s hope she at least waits until we get her room finished.  😉

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