6 Months

Our little Toots is 6 months old today.  In a blink, another month has come and gone, and in just a month it seems she’s grown so much.


She’s always been good at grabbing things, and this past month has been no different.  She grabs anything and everything, and as most babies do – shoves them immediately into her mouth.


She is still trying desperately to crawl, so most of the time being on her tummy is not much fun.  She can hold herself up well enough, but man oh man, does she want to move!


At first we weren’t sure if she’d be sitting up unassisted anytime soon, but she’s just about there, so the Bumbo will soon be a thing of the past.  Every day it seems like she can balance just a little bit more, which I think will make her very happy and more able to play with her brother.


We just started solids the other night (more on that later), but she was more than ready, and we’ll probably give her a sippy cup tonight to test out.  Each milestone continues to be somewhat bittersweet… they’re exciting, but part of me wants her to stay my little girl forever.


My happy girl is such a joy to be around and she continues to bring us all smiles every day. She’s a favorite in the baby room, and you can’t help but love her sweet and joyful nature.  Whether she’s trying to nom your face, bouncing in her jumper, or just giggling over a poopy diaper, her happiness is infectious.


On an off note, I tend to use months as an age until our kids hit the age of 2.  It always seems silly to me when I hear people talk about their 38 month old.  I might as well start telling my own age in months… in which case I am 379 months old.


One thought on “6 Months

  1. Sharon

    Wish I could see her grow, I really miss that, but I am so happy for all of you, what a blessing.

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