We read.

As an avid reader, one of my favorite things to do with the kids is to read.  I love picking out new books for their libraries (probably too many books), and I’m always curious to see which books will become a favorite and which ones might take some warming up to.


Phoebe is a bit young to really have any favorites, but I like to include her as often as possible when we read, and I try to read her at least one book as a part of her bedtime routine, which we also did with Enzo when he was just a baby.  Now that he’s older bedtime can take quite a while when he doesn’t want to hear “Just one more.”


As far as favorites go, Enzo still loves Dr. Seuss, but only ‘Hop on Pop’ and ‘One Fish, Two Fish.’  He has no interest in ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ or anything like that.  He also greatly enjoys books featuring Elmo and there are still nights where he only wants to read his Dentist book.  I really don’t know why he loves this book so much… it’s not very well written and you’d think a toddler would be bored by it.  He also greatly enjoys ‘Everybody Poops’ and ‘Potty Time.’


Phoebe is learning the classics thanks to Baby Lit.  They’re really good for young kids because of the pictures, and as she gets older the fact that there are so few words will be useful as she learns colors and numbers and things of that nature.  Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to family reading nights when they’re both older and reading chapter books?  So excited.



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