Light that soothes

There’s something magical about that time of evening when the light is golden.  There tends to be a certain amount of quietness in our house when that takes place, which only adds to the serenity of the moment.


When Josh was traveling for work, and it was just the kids and I, it felt especially quiet after they were both in bed.  Even the cats were quiet downstairs, and I could take a moment to just breathe before tidying everything up.


Even the mess feels and looks different as the sun sets.  I almost feel like we should all sit and be still while the light is golden… let everything wait for just a little bit.


Everything will still be there, and by the time the warm glow is gone, won’t we all feel so much more relaxed and ready to take on whatever nighttime tasks need to be managed? Rather than rushing around and rushing around until finally it’s all done and we want to collapse.  Maybe we’d be less snippy with each other and more patient if we allowed ourselves those few moments.


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