8 Months

Another month come and gone and Phoebe turned 8 months old.  While a lot of milestones happen in the first couple of years, I can’t say that a lot has happened in the last month.  If anything, she just continues to improve upon the skills she’s already learned and her personality has started to shine even more.



Right now it’s really interesting just watching the differences between Enzo when he was a baby and Phoebe now.  They have some similarities, of course, but we seem to notice those less.  Right now one of the major differences is that by 8 months old, Enzo was scooting and starting to get around pretty good that way.  Phoebe isn’t quite there yet, although we do wonder if the difference is partially due to the fact that we have carpeting here and Enzo spent most of his time on a hard floor.  That being said, Enzo was always more interested in being mobile and going, and Phoebe (while greatly enjoying jumping) is better about sitting by herself and really playing and exploring a toy than Enzo at this age.  Sometimes she’ll stare at her hands and play with her toes, and Enzo didn’t really do that very often.



When it comes to sleeping, Phoebe definitely prefers her stomach.  We always start her on her back, but without fail she will always end up on her belly.  Enzo has always slept on his stomach on and off, but never really favored one or the other.  One thing we’ve gotten better about this time around is teaching Phoebe how to self-soothe and put herself to sleep.  With Enzo I think we went in a lot more often and helped rock him to sleep when he was younger or depended on a bottle to help him doze off.  Phoebe does often fall asleep after her last bottle, but just as frequently I’ll put her to bed still kind of awake and let her hang out while listening to some soothing ocean waves or nature sounds and generally she’ll doze off in about 10 minutes.  There are times when I have to go in to give her a nuk to help aid the process, but I think we’re on a path to a much better sleeper than Enzo.



Baby girl still has no teeth, but hopefully those will come in soon!  She’s always very interested in what people are eating, but alas, with no teeth some things are just a no go, or have to be altered a bit, so it’ll be nice when she can more easily nom on strawberry or other things that are difficult at this stage due to size and consistency.  Otherwise, she’s growing a lot and is starting to outgrow some of her 9 month clothes.  She’s at that odd stage where some things fit, but others don’t, so onesies in this size are often too tight, but she can still fit in the separate tops and bottoms.  We are going to have one heck of a big garage sale in terms of baby/kid stuff next year, let me tell ya.



Little lady, slow down, would ya?

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