Toddler Talk

Two continues to be such a fun age when it comes to communication… unless you count the many frustrations that also come along with wanting to communicate and not knowing how. It’s amazing how much Enzo’s vocabulary grows, though, and his sentence structure is getting better and better.  Lately some of our favorite words and phrases have been:

“Josh, go get it!” This is funnier to me than it is to Josh, but I think it’s hilarious when Enzo calls Josh by name or when he calls him “Honey.”  I don’t think he uses my name because it’s much harder to say.

“Ferdinand!” Or “Enzo’s Ferdinand,” which is referring to Enzo’s very large oversized stuffed bear. I have this weird habit of naming almost all the stuffed animals that come into the house, so we’ve always called the bear Ferdinand.  Enzo’s newest game is making Ferdinand fall over onto Enzo and then Enzo will say, “Ferdinand sleeping?  Wake up, Ferdinand!”

“Favorite (Fill in the blank).”  Enzo has a lot of favorites lately, but the most important ones are Enzo’s favorite nuk, and his favorite lovey.


For a long time now Enzo has been known to switch all of his toys to the Spanish or French mode when available.  We don’t know why, but he’s getting pretty good with pronunciation and knowing colors.  Most of his toys have a Spanish option so we often hear him reciting “Verde, Amarillo, Rojo”, but since I took French in high school I sometimes throw some French into Enzo’s vocabulary for fun. Usually he’s game and will repeat, “Bonjour, Papa!” or maybe we’ll throw in some Italian and it’ll be “Ciao!”  However, there are other days where the only response I get is a big sigh and “No Hola!” as was the case the other day.

While the constant repetition sometimes requires a lot of patience, it’s also very cool to watch his language skills grow. He’s getting better about using referring to himself in the third person less and less and his sentences are getting longer and making more sense.  It really is amazing just how much a child learns in the first few years.