Anniversary Recap

At first we considered going out to eat for our anniversary. We don’t get to eat out anywhere nice very often, so it seemed like a good idea and I even made reservations. It wasn’t until a week before we were set to go out that Josh and I changed our minds and decided to not only have dinner, but instead of spending a huge amount of money on dinner alone, we’d add some fun into the mix.  I only have a couple of pics from the night (both of which are kind of blurry), but we ended up at Dave & Busters.  It actually turned out to a be a good thing we changed our minds anyway, because downtown was a nightmare (from what I heard) due to the All Star game and block party happening.  No thank you!

2014-07-12 21.19.38

It was a fun night overall, despite the fact that so many games were not working and there was apparently only one guy to fix them.  We were also reminded once again just how much things have changed since having kids.  We bought way too many tokens this time around, and suddenly it was 9:00pm and we knew we had to quickly burn through the ones we had left so we could make the 45 minute drive home and not get to bed too late. Babies and toddlers rarely sleep in when you want them to.  There was also a lot less drinking then there would have been a few years ago – just sayin.’

2014-07-12 21.24.45

Still, we had fun, made a decent haul, and the kids spent some time with their grandparents. Enzo has one of those rare moments of “Enzo go too,” but thankfully we were able to sneak out and by the next morning the first words out of his mouth were, “I go play with Grandpa.”  Maybe next time we’ll actually go somewhere to sit down, talk, and eat. 😉

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