Another busy few days have passed, and we could have potentially big news in the works. We’ve talked a lot about moving back to Colorado and we’ve weighed the pros and cons about moving right now, and depending on what happens in the next few weeks, we may be staying in Minnesota for a bit longer. Moving to Colorado won’t be cheap, and then we have to worry about jobs. I admit we’re both worried we could end up in the same situation we were in when we got to Minnesota. We didn’t get jobs right away and go behind on bills and maxed out our credit cards… not a good situation. If we stay in Minnesota a while longer, we could potentially save up some more money. We’re more established here, so hopefully keeping (in Josh’s case finding) permanent work won’t be as difficult. We also in the past 5 days were looking at houses and we found a great place well within our price range of purchasing. It’s a new construction townhome out in the country in a smaller subdivision that probably won’t expand too much for a few years – we’d actually be the first ones to move into the subdivision, I believe, and it’s bright and peaceful and perfect for a starter-home. It seemed like too good of a deal to pass up on, so as of last night, we’ve made an offer and now we just wait and see. If it’s meant to be, they’ll accept, and if they don’t, we’ll think on it a bit more. Our one concern could potentially be the HOA – neither of us are fond of them, and we’re waiting to get their rules and regulations to look over to make sure we’re okay with them. We’d love a house, and we’ve seen a few in our price range – and they’re fixer-uppers, which we’re okay with, but a lot of them just need so much work, and this place – we wouldn’t even have to change the paint colors because we actually like them.
So, there’s that.
Wedding planning continues and tomorrow we’ll be talking cake!  Our inspiration:
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