Finally saw the barn!

We’ve been so busy lately, and I imagine it will only get worse as we get closer to July. We did, however, finally get out to the barn, and we’re both really happy with our choice. Josh was uncertain at first when he heard the word “barn,” but he likes it as much as I do. I have one concern, though. When we arrived, the parking lot was full, and it’s not a very big parking lot. The reason, we quickly discovered, is because there is a baseball field right nearby, which I had no idea shared a parking lot with the barn, and was literally right across the path. So, while we were looking around and opening up the barn, very curious people just started wandering in and around. I’m crossing my fingers that no ball games will be happening the day of our wedding, but if it does happen, I guess we need to be prepared. First off, I’m going to make signs to put everywhere saying that the area has been reserved for our wedding and hopefully people will respect that. As for parking – I don’t think we can reserve the lot, unfortunately, so finding enough spots for everyone could be tricky. At least we’ll be there that morning to set up and maybe we can ask people to park somewhere else, but whether they’ll cooperate or not… who knows. At least we’re finding out now rather than later that it could be a potential issue.

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