A busy and somewhat chaotic weekend.

To my great surprise, the weekend ended up being much nicer than originally predicted!  I need to upload photos, but for now you’ll just have to take my word that we were very productive and finally tackled at least one project that has been mocking us for a year.  In the meantime, we have bubble photos because they need to go somewhere.  As sticky and messy as they are, they cause such excitement when we bring them out.


I mean, sure bubbles are fun, but really? Nothing gets quite as many squeals and jumps for joy as bubbles do.  Well, being allowed to jump on the bed is pretty awesome too.  We had a bit of that this weekend, especially when Phoebe needed to be contained somewhere, so we put her in her crib.


I think Enzo may be feeling a bit under the weather, which could explain his moodiness and the extra tantrums we had this weekend.  His nose has been pretty runny and stuffy and he woke up with goop in his eye that I’m hoping doesn’t mean he’s getting pink eye.  Fingers crossed!  The last time he was this cranky was during/after our California trip, so I’m trying to think of what was off.  He did miss a nap on Saturday, but went to bed early that night and got a good nap Sunday.  Otherwise his tummy has been a little off, so I’m thinking he may just be under the weather and without patience, which is always exacerbated when his parents are feeling a little stressed.  It’s amazing how easily kids pick up on that.


I’m hopeful that we can get him sorted out this week and in time for our trip and that we can keep the stress low so we can avoid tantrums.  The poor kiddo just doesn’t do well with change in his routine and gets really Hangry and needs a certain amount of sleep.  So, we’ll do our best to accommodate him and also be more conscious of our own moods as both kids pick up on any and all stress.


While Enzo was on timeout for the umpteenth time this weekend, we had to keep Miss Sassypants from poking the bear.  She wouldn’t leave him alone and was making the situation much worse, so we stuck her in crib.  She didn’t seem to mind and just jumped and jumped for a while.  We did get outside this weekend as well… a nice long walk and the kids helped me pick out flowers.  Then I let them play in the water table on the deck for a while, which they both greatly enjoyed, especially Enzo because he was allowed to completely strip and run around sans clothing.


I don’t think anyone slept well last night, though, and by midnight both kids were in bed with us.  Enzo either curls up right next to Josh or lays sideways and Phoebe prefers sleeping half on top of me or also sideways.  Amazingly they don’t keep each other awake all night, but we do have those times when someone starts kicking and we have to do some rearranging.  Funny… I didn’t realize we’d still be sleep deprived at this stage of the game.  Oh well, this too shall pass and in the meantime I’ll make the most of these snuggles.