Another rainy weekend ahead

Okay, Minnesota, what’s up with the rain every weekend?  We had intended on doing work outside, but it looks like that probably won’t be happening this weekend after all.  Instead, I’ll be running lots of errands tomorrow morning and maybe we’ll still try and get out and do something with the kiddos.  Granted, there’s a lot to do around the house, but getting out is always nice and so are distractions.


My chronic urticara (hives) have been really bad the past few days despite taking antihistamines three times a day.  It’s like having PUPPS all over again, which any pregnant woman will tell you is misery.  Funnily enough, the hives are worse on my belly (just like with PUPPS); the antihistamines are working everywhere else, but not on my stomach.  Because of the constant discomfort, and the fact that I already feel constantly stoned thanks to the meds, I’ve decided to go a different route.  I’m going to try Traditional Chinese Medicine and see an acupuncturist on Monday in the hopes that something will work and give me either relief or a cure.


He did, however mention potentially changing my diet and I googled some elimination diets that are sometimes used when trying to treat hives… I will give it a go, but I’m not going to lie – giving up some of my favorite foods will be torture.  Not sure which is worse… constant itching or not getting to eat chocolate. :p