A Day at the Zoo

Getting a zoo membership was definitely one of our better decisions.  At first we weren’t sure because of the drive, but we’ve already used it three times and considering toddlers sometimes only last a couple hours, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any money by leaving early.


Last Sunday ended up being just perfect for a visit to the zoo. The weather was nice and we got there a little earlier in the day, so it wasn’t super busy yet.  Most of the animals were snoozing, but Enzo seems to enjoy people watching just as much (if not more than) animal watching.


This time his favorite animals were the prairie dogs, and he tried to climb out of Josh’s arms into their enclosure, which would have been adorable, but probably frowned upon. We also had another big first – he actually held my hand to walk for a bit.  This soon ended once it got more crowded, though, and hand holding was no longer appropriate, but running was.



The other favorite of the day was the draft horses. We ventured over to the farm area because we figured it would be a good place to eat lunch (and it was), plus Enzo got to pet some cows, was freaked out by the goats, and fell in love with the horses.  When we started walking away from them, he headed back and was a little upset that he couldn’t stay longer or touch them.  Guess we need to find someone with a horse. :p