Week 24

As can be expected, not much has changed this week, though our Baby Girl remains fairly active.  I notice her mostly in the mornings after I’ve had breakfast and again in the evening usually.  It feels like she’s probably breech right now – she rarely seems to turn around so it’s still hard to feel kicks from the outside right now unless it’s one of those times she decides to flip.

Week 24

Enzo is doing good and his naughty personality is beginning to come through. Apparently at day care the other day he grabbed a toy and said, “No, mine.”  Not sure what to think of his first phrase. Ha ha.  He’s actually really good at sharing for the most part.  When we stop by he’s often trying to give kids toys, so we’ll just keep that up.  Plus, it makes it easier as he gets older so that when other kids don’t share, he won’t get as upset and will be able to brush it off and be happy with something else.


He’s been visiting the toddler room a lot and we were told September 2nd for sure he’ll be moved, if not sooner.  He’s more than ready and super excited to be over there – he makes a beeline for the toddler room when he can and he has such a good time, he often doesn’t want to come home with us. It was actually the funniest thing the other day – I came to pick him up and he definitely wasn’t ready. He wanted to go to Miss Amanda instead of me – ran to her, in fact – then when she asked if he wanted to go home, the stinker shook his head no.  To top things off (and really make me laugh) there is a little play house in the Infant room with short walls and a little door, so when Amanda stood up and asked him again, he ran into this little play house, shut the door, sat down, looked at me and shook his head no.  While it makes pickup really difficult – he’ll cry and tantrum a bit – I’m really, really glad he likes day care so much. It leaves me completely at ease knowing he’s happy there during the day, and what more can a parent ask for? He’ll usually calm down once we’re in the car and then be in a fine mood when we get home and he can have a snack.



This kid is a bottomless pit and would just continually eat if we let him.  Even if he’s decided he’s done with dinner, if I open the fridge and he sees the blueberries, he’ll grab them and start going to town.  I fear his teenage appetite to come.