A little bit of nothing really

I’m dragging today for some reason. I grudgingly had to pull myself out of bed and have been kind of tired all day. I suppose I didn’t go to bed as early as I could have, but there are shows to watch and steps to take and books to read!  Cats don’t realize how easy they’ve got it. They get to sleep all day. Jerks.



No one ever moves a sleeping cat, right?  They’re all warm and cozy and purr. I never know where I’ll find them. Typically Uzi sleeps on our bed, but I’ve noticed that Enzo’s blanket often has a lot of black kitty hair on it.  Ziggy is usually under our bed unless Vega bugs her and then sometimes she’s under our dresser or who knows where. Vega tends to be everywhere. She’ll usually wait for me outside Phoebe’s door and the other night I tripped on her because she was sleeping on the bathroom rug.  One of the favorite perches is the ledge in the entry way, though.


I would love to be able to stretch out in a nice bit of sunlight and just take a nap and get all nice and toasty. The next best thing is snuggling a cat who’s been in the sun and Vega is getting better about being picked up and cuddled. She is without a doubt MY cat.


She doesn’t talk much, but every so often she’ll do a really quiet squeaky mew at me when she runs up to me. It’s kind of adorable. I also love her crooked whiskers that look like they had a bad perm job. Unfortunately she still loves torturing Uzi, and often chases Ziggy, but usually just wants to cuddle with her. It’s kind of adorable.

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Okay, I’ve had way too many cat update posts lately, which tells me I’m not getting out enough. I think that’ll start changing soon, though. I feel like we need to have a game night or something in the near future – especially once the weather warms up. Either way, I’ve got to get out!!