A tisket a tasket…

It’s probably a good thing we’re all so easily amused at our house, and it’s always interesting to see what is going to grab Enzo’s attention. This weekend it was the laundry basket.


Actually, he was just lucky the cat allowed him to play with it.  Normally baskets are Uzi’s thing, but the cats are kind of afraid of the wee man at the moment.  I guess it’s the shrieks of delight and joy when he sees them.  They don’t quite understand he isn’t going to really kill them, not on purpose anyway…


After last week’s terrible news, I feel very lucky that I have this crazy, awesome boy in my life. While not all days are giggles and snuggles, I wouldn’t trade them for the world and can’t imagine someone taking them from me.


So, while I can’t control everything around me, I can control what kind of mom I want to be, so I will always make sure he knows just how much he is loved and do my best to ensure that he is safe and happy.  We can’t choose how many days are in front of us, but we can choose to make the most of them.

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