All about baby…

Considering most of my posts have been about baby, it shouldn’t surprise you that this one is too. Honestly, though, my world just kind of revolves around the little guy. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, and they are passing by quickly.

Our little boy is growing fast and his personality is emerging – thankfully he’s generally a happy baby and so curious. He’s an independent one too, and like his mama seems to be fine playing by himself, but like his papa, needs lots of social interaction for the most part, which is why day care seems to suit him so well.

Granted, he has his meltdowns, and we don’t go many places with him yet, just because it’s easier to avoid meltdowns.  We should probably get him (and us) more used to going out, though.  For Father’s Day we went out to breakfast and Enzo did great for the most part. He slept in his carseat… until our food came, so we just juggled him between us a bit and he actually did really well… until we got home. The kiddo’s tummy must have been bugging him because he was not a happy camper, which unfortunately meant missing a friend’s wedding. We really wanted to go, but it didn’t seem fair to anyone (including Enzo) to bring a screaming baby to a wedding. Such are the joys of parenting.

Now for the real joys…

Is there anything better than baby smiles and laughter? It’s amazing how much love it is possible to feel in one moment and that one’s heart doesn’t implode. I knew I would love my children, but until you actually have them, you have no idea just how immense that love can be.

So much so, that it makes you do crazy things like buying enormous bears (hey, it was a sweet deal – yay Costco)!

It’s kind of awesome how huge it is, and the fact that it fits nowhere – especially not the nursery. One day Enzo is going to love it, though, and when he’s a whiny angsty teenager he’ll remember how awesome his parents were/are. 😉

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  1. Sharon

    Holy cow, well that outdoes the hippo you guys had. I’m sorry you missed the wedding!

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