And we were rollin’

I love watching the determination of babies.  When she was just a couple weeks old, Phoebe was handling tummy time like a pro, and in general she’s very strong which you wouldn’t necessarily think considering how petite she’s always been.  For weeks we watched her wiggle and squirm and almost roll over, but eventually she’d grow tired and give up.  Suddenly something must have clicked the other night, though. I put her on her stomach and then went to give Enzo some water (and then clean up spilled water, which he poured onto the floor) and when I turned around she was on her back.  So, I grabbed my camera because I didn’t want to miss it again.  I put her back on her stomach and she rolled over and then even more surprisingly she rolled from her back to front.  It took her a couple times to get it really well, but was so exciting to see.


I have a feeling she’s going to reach her milestones a little faster than Enzo just because she wants to keep up with him.  Not that I really pay much attention to the timetables you find listed on every baby site. I think they just cause panic and competition amongst some moms.  Sure, they can be useful in determining if your child might have something wrong developmentally, but that seems to be rarely the case.  Babies do their own thing at their own time and as long as she’s hitting important developmental milestones… I don’t really care when she does.  Honestly, at this point part of me wants to stop her from growing entirely because I already feel like she’s growing up too fast!


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