Another example of how all kids are different…

Well, we turned Phoebe’s crib into a toddler bed… for a day.  A few weeks ago.  Enzo was about the same age or younger when we switched him to a toddler bed and he did great – he was pretty much ready.  Phoebe, on the other hand, was not ready.

Both kids started napping on cots at day care at around 14 months old, and did really well.  Sure, there were days when they needed someone to rub their backs, but from what we heard they liked it, which is why we made the switch with Enzo so early.  He really didn’t wander out of bed much when we made the change, and he didn’t make a huge fuss when he was put back in bed. I want to say the whole transition went fairly smoothly, which is why we decided to see if Phoebe was ready.


Both kids were eager to see what their dad was up to, and just as enthusiastic to help out. Phoebe, however, cannot be trusted with small objects as she still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, so her help was politely declined… and not so politely when she insisted that she hold the screws.


You should have seen the look on her face when we revealed her big girl bed.  She was thrilled and climbed in (followed by her brother) and we high-fived thinking we had made a brilliant choice.  Soon, it was nap time and the big test.  It didn’t go well. She wouldn’t stay in her crib and she cried and cried and cried.  We sent Enzo in to see if she’d sleep with her big brother… nope.  He would nicely tell her to lay down and sleep, but she would go to the door and bang on it and cry.  So long big girl bed, back to the crib we go.


In retrospect, it was really silly to have even tried the switch so soon. Unlike Enzo, Phoebe is fine being in her crib.  She generally goes to sleep easily and is fine being in her prison (until about halfway through the night when she wants to be with us). I lay her down, say good-night and usually she sits up and waves nuh-night to me. Enzo, however, was always begging to get out of his crib, and has never enjoyed confinement.  Granted, a lot of things have been different this second time around and every day their individual personalities become more distinct.  Every day is a new adventure.


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