Baby Girl!

We were very happy to have a good anatomy scan last week, and while we may have forgotten to take a belly photo, we got even better – our first glimpse of baby.


We were both a little surprised at first when the technician told us it looked like we were having a girl.  At first she wasn’t entirely sure, but after getting several different looks, it would seem we are definitely having a girl.  I had pictured us with two boys, and I think Josh had the same picture in mind, but as the day went on, I found myself getting more excited about a little girl.  Considering Enzo takes after his dad his so much perhaps our little girl will be a more quiet bookworm like her mama.  They even act different in the womb – Enzo was constantly kicking and trying to spread out, whereas this little girl was wiggly, but kept curled up in a little ball during the scan.

Most importantly, everything looked good and she seems healthy.  I do have to go back for a 36 week ultrasound, however, because as with Enzo I currently have marginal Placenta Previa, but also as with Enzo, I expect the placenta to move on its own and I’m sure all will be well.

In honor of finding out we’ll be doing a little more shopping than expected, I bought our girl her first outfit.


My Grandma used to call me Mouse when I was little, so I thought this outfit was perfect when I saw it. Plus, while we know it’s a girl, we kind of like yellows and greens and violets rather than too much pink, which I’m sure she’ll still have.

Can’t wait to meet you, Baby Girl!

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  1. Sharon

    I love the outfit and I agree I can’t wait to meet our little girl. I’ll keep that in mind, not too much pink. 🙂

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