Back to work…

I can’t believe my 6 weeks are just about up.  I head back to work on Thursday, and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’ll be nice to get out of the house on a daily basis for more than just a couple of hours, but I’m going to miss hanging out with my little guy.  Sure, we have a rough day now and then, but every little smile he gives us makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve been trying to make the most of these last few days, but I know Thursday morning is going to be difficult when I drop him off at daycare.

At least we’ll have evenings and weekends… I have a feeling this year is going to fly by far more quickly than we would like, though. So many big changes happening, and it’s hard to believe we’ll be moving in just a few short months.  I’m excited and nervous, but I’m sure it’ll all be fine in the end and all the little details will get worked out even if there is a lot to plan for.  We’ll just remain optimistic, and we’re already off to a pretty decent start considering Josh gets to keep his job, which is a huge help and relief.

Anyhoo, so little time left in the evening, though, I think my boys are both asleep on the couch, so I don’t think I’ll wake them just yet. 😉

One thought on “Back to work…

  1. Sharon

    He is so sweet, it makes you wonder what is on their minds when they look so serious sometimes. 🙂

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