Belated pictures of a 2 year old.

Being a parent has a crazy effect on your brain… basically it stops working the way it used to.  Sometimes a day or a week will go by and I know I’ve done things, but can’t remember what and can’t figure out why nothing got crossed off my To Do List, but somehow a dozen more things got added.  Along those same lines, Enzo turned 2 several months ago, but I realized I never shared any pictures of the event.  Go me!


It ended up being a pretty rainy, dark day, but Enzo didn’t care because he was got to play with his cousin Aiden, and even more exciting, he received a new choo-choo and table to go with it. You can tell these pictures are old because Phoebe is sitting in the Bumbo, and lady has mad sitting skills now. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to write about things days after they happen rather than weeks or months.


Enzo still can’t really blow anything, but we practice by blowing on his food to cool it off and in the bathtub we try to show him how to blow on the bubbles.  You don’t really think about how hard these things are to teach someone until you actually try to teach someone.  I imagine he’ll just figure it out on his own, much like babies discover how fun blowing raspberries are on their own.


Oh, Enzo… you’re growing up so fast.  While at first it made me sad, it’s kind of awesome listening to him talk more and use his imagination. I’m looking forward to the years ahead and the continued crazy randomness that comes with them.

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