Boo boo

It’s amazing how quick babies go from trying to pull themselves up on things to actually pulling themselves up on pretty much everything they possibly can.

The kiddo got his first incident report from day care last week when he got a good bump/bruise to the forehead.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.


I guess we’ve reached that point where bumps and bruises are going to be commonplace as he continues to try and climb everything and now tries to cruise and walk.  I told the cats they’d better prepare themselves… soon there will be no escape.


One thought on “Boo boo

  1. Sharon

    My poor little guy, this is a hard stage to go through, it always makes you feel bad when they hurt themselves but this to shall pass. Look at how long his hair is getting. The bottom picture of him kind of reminds me of Aubrey, just a similarity.

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