Boys and Girls

I thought for sure when we found out we were having a girl that we’d have a little lady who would be a balance to Enzo’s high energy, all-boy nature. Nope. Phoebe is definitely sweet-natured and more of a cuddler than Enzo, but she is just as rough and tumble as he is.


Before she was even walking, she was trying to climb up on everything and she has to follow her big brother wherever he goes. They also love climbing all over each other and wrestling and tumbling. We sometimes have to remind Enzo that he has to be gentle with her, but she’s pretty tough. If anything we have to sometimes tell her to be gentle with him.


In reality, I like that they’re both a healthy balance of… whatever you want to call it. Phoebe is kind of tomboyish like I was, and hopefully will stay that way because I won’t know what to do if she starts asking me to do something fancy with her hair in a few years. Now, give Enzo a mohawk? Done. Curls and symmetrical ponytails and braids? I get clammy hands just thinking about it. I also do a really bad job of painting fingernails and toes (my own included).


While we do sometimes tend to buy standard boy/girl gifts for the kids, we fully encourage them to both play with whatever toys are available. Phoebe often just wants to play with cars and trucks and Enzo can frequently be found having a tea party and has started requesting to watch Frozen again.  Sometimes I do find it annoying how so many toys are still geared towards boys or girls with lots of pinks/purples v. reds/blues, though. Why can’t there just be a mix of any and all these or rather why does there need to be a pink version of a garbage truck?


But then again, sometimes my son likes the purple or pink version and maybe it’s grownups who have it all wrong.  I mean, it’s not kids who are deciding what are boy toys or what are girl toys. I made the assumption that the pink garbage truck is for a girl when a little boy could easily like that color just as much, so the option should be available.

I do think there should be a better mix of colors with toys, though. A little blue/purple/red/pink/green mashup, and also that toy companies should stop ruining good classic designs.  That’s a topic for another day, though. 😉

2 thoughts on “Boys and Girls

  1. Mom

    It’s so nice they are best buds. I have to agree with you, it is adults who decided that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, I always love the really bold primary colors myself. You picked Oswald as your baby versus a girl baby but he was still a baby 🙂

  2. Joanne

    I think that’s such an interesting point about toy colors. Kids don’t naturally associate pink with girls and blue with boys – it’s definitely us adults who impose those stereotypes!

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