First night away…

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Florida right now and it’s bright and very, very quiet. Too quiet.  I’d turn on the TV, but is there ever anything good on in the afternoon?  I don’t remember as we haven’t had cable for a long time.  I’m watching the clock and I know that Josh is on his way to pick up the kiddos and while most people would probably be out exploring and enjoying the quiet… I just feel a tad lonely.  I’m not used to having an evening alone without rowdy chaos, you know?  I think one of my coworkers has plans, and the other, I’m not sure.  Like me, she’s quiet and introverted as well.  Anyway, what better time to share a few December pics that I haven’t yet!


It’s hard to believe that it’s already almost February.  We’ve had a remarkably mild winter, so it hasn’t felt as long as usual.  Still, it’s 72 degrees where I am now, so perhaps in between slightly boring insurance convention classes/workshops tomorrow I’ll sneak out and step into the warm sunshine for a bit.  I’ll at least make an attempt to not miss my family on a ridiculous level and wonder what they’re doing and if the kiddos miss mama or not.  I’ll hope that Phoebe goes easy on her daddy and doesn’t pull one of her “Mama only or I’ll scream until I wake my brother up” cries in the middle of the night.


Will I sleep better than I have in a long time tonight?  Maybe.  Part of me says I will because there won’t be a monitor next to my head where every tiny little cough or movement wakes me up, but then part of me wonders if I won’t just subconsciously be listening for tiny baby snores and will wake up in a panic when I don’t hear any other sounds in a dark empty room.  Ack, being a mama is harder than I ever thought it would be.  It’s nice, though, to have someone to miss.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world and maybe this little break is exactly what I need to really appreciate just how much I love those stinkers (husband included), rough days and all.

2 thoughts on “First night away…

  1. Mom

    Yep, it will be hard on you emotionally and hard on Josh physically but everyone will survive. What part of Florida are you in? Try and explore a little, ask the concierge at your hotel where an interesting place would be to visit that is close.

    Love you and I can hardly wait to see all of you guys.


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