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Reading… Luckiest Girl Alive (Meh), Britt-Marie Was Here

Watching (on TV)… Game of Thrones (2 more episodes until I’m caught up!!), The Handmaid’s Tale

Watching (movies)… Arrival, The Lobster (meh)

Listening to… Trolls Soundtrack (kids’ favorite), Radio, Nature Sounds at bedtime

Drinking… Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee, Wine, oh yeah, and some water

Eating… Trying to switch things up and get healthier. We are loving our Meat CSA, though.  Such good flavor.

Looking forward to… July. Josh is in charge of planning something for our anniversary and I have no idea what he’s picked. Haha!

Thinking… So many things. Enzo has his preschool graduation tonight and I can’t believe he’ll be starting Kindergarten in the fall.

Organizing… The garage and the outside in general. I still need to add one more plant to our front flower bed and then I think it’ll be “right.”

Searching… For the perfect bench or chairs for our front porch. It just needs something, but I haven’t found the perfect match yet.

Loving… The sound of birds in the morning. Nothing makes me quite so happy as waking up and listening to the birds busy outside.

Thoroughly enjoying… Sunshine!  Oh sweet, glorious sunshine!  I will never stop loving sunshine.

Excited… For summer in general!  We have no real plans, but I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome.

Feeling… Great!  Maybe it’s the weather and summer has so many more cute clothing opportunities… Phoebe and I did a silly little photo shoot after I had “dolled” myself up.

Haha!  No fashion blogger in the making here!  Come, watch me model awkwardly in front of the chaos of our lives. 😉

Have a great weekend!