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What’s not to love about Friday?

An exciting new adventure awaits us this weekend… we are taking the kids to see their first movie in the theater. We fully expect that Phoebe might not last through the entire movie, so we’re choosing a $2.50 movie in case one of us needs to leave with her should she get too bored.  Best case, no one else is at the theater and it doesn’t matter if she’s a bit rowdy. The choices are Minions and Inside Out, so we’ll see what the kids decide.  I have a feeling they’ll say Minions just because they already know them from Despicable Me, but my vote is for Inside Out.


Then on Sunday we have some annual leaf pile fun.  Hopefully this rain clears out with enough time to dry everything out.  I’m not a fan of fall rain, mostly because it’s too cold and tends to strip the trees of their colors.  I’m not ready for the drabness of winter just yet, though I know it’s just around the corner. I’ve already got everyone prepped with winter coats, hats, mittens and boots and extras of a few of those.  How is it that kids clothes are so expensive, yet often don’t even last an entire season?  Not because the kids have outgrown them but simply because they’ve somehow worn out?  Enzo ripped through two pairs of pants already that couldn’t have been worn more than last winter and his summer tennis shoes are barely holding together.  I was holding off getting him new ones since it’s just about boot weather and after one wear those are already scuffed, so I don’t see them lasting all winter.


Anyhoo, enough winter talk!  It seems like this past week was entirely unproductive, so I feel like I should maybe cross a few things off the To Do list this weekend.  We finally watched Jurassic World and both agreed we now need to get the Lego game even though we’re so behind on all of the other Lego games.  Parenting!  Really, though, I could name a few dozen things we’re behind on and less sunshine in the morning and evening is not helping my motivation!  I would curl up into a ball in cry if I lived somewhere that only got a few hours of sunlight during the winter.  Granted, I’d probably get so much done during the lighter months…


Okay, enough rambling.  Instead… in case you haven’t seen them yet!


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Let’s see… I finished The Martian and despite it being a little slow at times, it was still a really good read.  There’s humor and wit, and while I’m not an expert at all when it comes to space travel or engineering it’s informative and doesn’t leave you feeling completely confused.  Right now I’m reading a couple of books including Outlander, which I figured I should read due to its popularity.  I’m not very far into it, but so far I like the writing and while I’m not a historian, I think it probably paints a decent picture of 18th century Scotland.


I’ve actually been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I never got into it before, but I like having it on in the background and have been wondering why on earth I didn’t watch it when it was on the air!  Oh yeah, there was a lack of cable for a while there pre-Hulu days, and I’m not one to start watching a series if I’ve missed the first season or more.  I’m also really excited about Showtime on Hulu now.  Hooray!  I finally get to see some shows I’ve been wanting to.  Josh and I also started watching Supernatural together. I had started watching the first season ages ago, but now we’re starting from the beginning and it looks like that will be our new show.  It’s fun… cheesy at times, but fun.

As for movies… yeah, we really haven’t been watching that many lately.  There’s been a lot going on.

Health and Wellness

The Fitbit continues to be a great motivator and I feel better the more I walk and exercise, so that in itself is a great motivator.  I also haven’t had hives since the last “Currently” so I’m incredibly thrilled about that.


I’m kind of obsessed with popcorn right now.  I could eat it every day, and sometimes I do.  The Pop Secret with Sea Salt is my favorite right now.  We’re in a rut in terms of meal planning and dinners, though… anyone have any tips or ideas to motivate me again?  I’m stoked to try Blue Apron – it’s finally delivering to our area, so maybe that will help.


The weather – overall this has been one of the mildest summers we’ve had since moving to Minnesota, and even though it was a little disconcerting to be in the low 60s the other day, we’re making the most of what warm days we have left.  We’re headed to opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival tomorrow and I’m hoping the rain actually holds off until late afternoon.  We haven’t gone to the festival since we first moved here, but I remember it being fun and hope the kids think so too.

Thinking About

Everything and then often nothing at all.  We’ve been struggling with Enzo at bedtime and I have no idea why.  He says he isn’t tired at his usual bedtime, but the past few nights he has been fighting us and his bedtime and then wakes up tired and cranky due to lack of sleep.  Kind of at my wit’s end.  Granted, we went through this before, but Phoebe is a much lighter sleeper now so when he starts yelling and screaming because he doesn’t want to stay in his room, she wakes back up.  Have I mentioned what an easy sleeper she is?  She willingly lies down in her crib, waits for me to cover her with her blanket and then tells me good-night. She’s typically out in 10 minutes.  I am so grateful we have at least one kid who doesn’t fight bedtime right now.  Parenting has been a struggle lately, that’s for sure.  I know his potty training regression is probably due to getting rid of his nuk, but his sleep was fine at first… now I’m not sure if this is also a result of him giving up his nuk???  Fingers crossed we can find a way to win at bedtime again.

Friday Funday!

It’s supposed to be a fairly beautiful weekend, so you can rest assured that we’re going to take advantage of it!  We’re going to head to the zoo as both kids have been more interested than usual in various animals, and then maybe we’ll fit in a walk as well.  In the meantime…

Creating a kinder world.

Some old news, but fascinating nonetheless – Parallel Universes.

The secret to never feeling frustrated.

Anyone who has ever shared walls/floors/ceilings with neighbors can appreciate this…

Movies I’m looking forward to this year…

When the cat’s away…

Josh went out to the play with the boys yesterday, so I had a quiet day at home getting schoolwork completed and relaxing.

Uzi was also hard at work.

I skyped with family, which is one of the best inventions, and made yummy cookies.

Glass of wine – check!  (Great local wine, by the way)

And what else is a girl to do when her husband is gone but watch beautiful period films like ‘The Young Victoria,’ which I do recommend if you also like these types of films. I never know how much is true or fiction (until I decide to do some reading), but they’re fascinating nonetheless with the sheer mass of layered clothing and in this case, lavishness.