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Honest Parenting

I see a lot of posts by other bloggers with titles like “If we were to meet for coffee…” and think it would be fun to do one of those, but let’s face it… I think I’d rather meet for a big ole glass of wine to unwind from the chaos of everyday parenting. I’m not a SAHM, but parenting isn’t any easier when you work full-time.

So, let’s pretend the kids are in bed, and we’ve each got our feet up and are sipping a delicious glass of relaxation and chatting about our day/week.

I’d tell you…

  • This week has been one for the books.  The biggest upset being dealing with lice. It happens, I get it, but it is such a pain to deal with. Our dryer has been worked over time and we’ve had bags of stuff sitting outside in the cold.  After shelling out a bunch of money to get professionally treated (after not getting them all ourselves), I am crossing my fingers that we’ve contained it all.
  • This week we have lived through an array of tantrums courtesy of our 3 year old. The drama has been extra heavy around here lately. On Monday she melted down because she only wanted me to go to the living room with her (not her brother) and proceeded to lay down in the hallway with her hoodie (of all things) and weep and wail. I think we’ve entered the age of bad dreams too… almost every night she wakes up crying and gets really, really upset when I’m not there. Good thing I’m not giving up wine this year. Maybe I should really look into yoga this year for relaxation, however…
  • I am done with Tattling. So done. They bicker and pester each other and then tattle on each other relentlessly (especially Enzo).  I’m really trying to nip the Tattling in the bud because it is beyond frustrating.  Yeah, I saw what your sister did, I was standing RIGHT HERE. There are days when I miss the time when they couldn’t speak.

Don’t be fooled by their supposed closeness and adorability!!

Okay, it’s not always hard, but on the days when it is… well, you other moms know what I mean. I adore my kids, but it’s amazing to me how much you can simultaneously love someone so much and also be driven so crazy by them.

The Best Part of Waking Up…

Fall is definitely in the air, which felt really good, but also a little weird.  I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures since we’ve had such a hot summer, but at the same time,  I don’t know that I’m ready for what comes after Fall. 😉 So, we decided to make the most of this weekend’s nice weather.

We started Friday night off with a glass of wine from one of the bottles we bought last weekend, and sat down to watch ‘Tailor Tinker Soldier Spy,” which I’m sure was a good movie, but… I may have fallen asleep and Josh said it was a little slow and they avoided action at all cost. One thing I’ve noticed with having a baby – if a movie doesn’t grab our attention fairly quickly, we turn it off.  We have so little free time as it is now that we don’t want to waste any of it.  Granted, I did have a really nice snooze before it was time to get up and feed the baby. :p

We woke up without a plan yesterday morning.

And on a whim we decided… why not go to another winery?  We went to the Parley Lake Winery and Orchard, and it ended up being a really nice afternoon.  Enzo was really well behaved and enjoyed looking at all of the falling leaves and smiling and chatting with people while we did a wine tasting. We didn’t pick any apples… or buy any, but they did have amazing Dutch Apple Jam and Pumpkin Butter, which tasted exactly like Fall, and we bought a jar of each.

We also discovered this weekend that Enzo is a huge fan of the Jumper and pretty much wore himself out.  At first he’d just kind of hang there and twirl himself around a bit and it was funny to watch him realize that he could actually do so much more.  Ever so cautiously he’d lightly bounce and then he just got downright crazy. We’re going to have to watch this boy.  Ha ha.

And now here we are at Sunday.  We woke up a tad early as baby’s clock does not have a weekend setting, but the best part of waking up is opening my eyes and seeing my smiley Enzo.  Granted, getting kicked in the ribs is usually how I wake up, but I love spending our weekend mornings babbling in bed. At first neither of us thought we’d be the co-sleeping types aside from having a bassinet next to the bed, but there you go.  I wouldn’t change a thing… well, maybe in a couple months. We’ve decided once Enzo hits 6 months it might be a good idea for him to sleep in his crib, so we’ll see how that goes.

When the cat’s away…

Josh went out to the play with the boys yesterday, so I had a quiet day at home getting schoolwork completed and relaxing.

Uzi was also hard at work.

I skyped with family, which is one of the best inventions, and made yummy cookies.

Glass of wine – check!  (Great local wine, by the way)

And what else is a girl to do when her husband is gone but watch beautiful period films like ‘The Young Victoria,’ which I do recommend if you also like these types of films. I never know how much is true or fiction (until I decide to do some reading), but they’re fascinating nonetheless with the sheer mass of layered clothing and in this case, lavishness.