Changing it up… Before Shots!

Since we decided to postpone our move to Colorado, we decided we should at least make a few changes around the house.  We’ve been spending more time at home, for one thing, and will probably continue to do so as we save up money, or attempt to. (Why must there be so many irresistable cute baby things that I can’t help buying??). I digress.

So, we finally decided to buy matching bedroom furniture and matching desk sets for our office.  Josh works from home frequently and needed a better set up, and I couldn’t stand mine either, so for functionality we decided we might as well change up everything. Because we can’t afford anything super nice right now, we decided the IKEA route would be best, as eventually we do plan on replacing things with items that are higher quality and will last longer.

So, let’s start with the before shots (notice everything is extra messy and disorganized so it’ll look twice as awesome when the new stuff is in).

Ah the bedroom… the bed (and mattress) have seen better days and considering Josh got it used… I have no idea how old it is and don’t even want to think about the amount of allergens and who knows what this thing is holding.

We will be upgrading to a King Size bed as the Wonton is outgrowing his bassinet and our bed is getting small for the three of us plus two cats.

The dressers are mismatched and have seen better days.

Then there are our nightstands. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. Plastic bins are great and all, but not really in the bedroom… granted we used these when we were in a room that had no space for nightstands, but that’s really no excuse now.

 Now for the office… everything mismatched, and neither of our desks really functional for what we want/need.  We each have two computers… we discovered our new computers won’t run some of the software on our old computers and right now it just makes sense to keep the old computers. Granted, I don’t use mine that often, but until we need a new scanner/printer  (my new computer doesn’t utilize the scanning feature very well – something to do with a 32bit/64bit difference, which annoys me to no end) I have to use my old computer to scan in photos so the quality is awesome and it separates them all out. Once again, I digress.

Another thing we want to do is move our giant elliptical into the office, so that means moving some furniture around, getting rid of a few things, and probably a miracle.


So there you have it!  Tune in, in a few days for the After shots!

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