The smell of new furniture…

Well, we’ve got our bedroom mostly put together now, and the office halfway there as well.  We’re going to pick up a small cube shelf for our bedroom to hold some extra shoes and to have a place for the humidifier and air purifier to sit, and then that’ll do it.  We don’t have nearly as much room in our bedroom now, but eventually we’ll be getting a bigger house, and do you really need a lot of floor space in a bedroom anyway?  I think we’re all much happier with the new arrangement.

Although next time we should probably actually measure things to make sure they fit so we don’t end up losing half our closet space as well. 😉


So with that done, we just need to move a few more things around in the office and it’ll all be complete!  I think Enzo will be glad when we are no longer spending half our time putting together furniture, and can more fully focus on him once again. He’s growing by the day it seems, and he’s started to laugh – real laughs, though they do take some coaxing.  He’s learning new things every day and is enjoying Peek-A-Boo, even if it scares him at first when his dad covers his face with a blanket – you get a lot of these faces, so maybe it’s just excitement and not “Oh crap, the world is ending!” Ha ha

Also a new first – he noticed one of the cats for the first time today. Usually he just doesn’t seem to notice them at all, but today he was playing and happened to look over at Ziggy who was on the floor taking a bath and he was completely enthralled.  He started reaching his hands out to her, but of course she didn’t want him touching her. I told her she’d better watch out because it’s only a matter of time before he’s chasing after them.