Gown Alteration Appointment – Check
Invitation Paper Samples Ordered – Check
Order Official Document for Officiant – Check

You know, the only thing on my mind lately has been weddings. I even dream about weddings – some very bizarre dreams at that. In one dream I was insisting on wearing a poodle skirt (sans poodle at the very least) with matching shoes and my mom would not hear of it and we were arguing over this horrible wedding ensemble, which I would never wear anyway, but it was the principle of the matter, darn it! It’s my wedding and I’m doing what I want and if that means wearing a poodle skirt rather than a dress, so be it. :p
I did, however, only now think about one very important thing. I might die of heat in my dress. I wasn’t exactly thinking outside wedding when I was choosing my dress and I have no idea if our venue is air-conditioned or not. One can only hope, otherwise we’re going to need to bring fans, I think. I’ll only get to dress up like this once, though, so I want to do it up and hopefully with enough clinical strength antipersperent and expensive makeup – I’ll hold up. 😉

2 thoughts on “Check!

  1. leeshaknows

    Haha! Everything will be okay…unfortunately all this planning and before you know it, it will be over. Even if you do plan out every detail…half the time it won't work out the way you expected anyhow. Easy for me to say right? 🙂 My best advice is…have pictures taken before the ceremony…that way if you do melt a bit, you will already have some really nice pictures. Love ya!

  2. Breezy

    You just reminded me of the runaway bride.. where she is swaying infront of the fans… trying to relax!Maybe you can have ice packs on stand by.. and those little hand held fans on all the guest seats… lol 😉 Good Luck!!You'll be fine!!!

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