Less than 3 months…

Boy I’ve gotten bad about updating… and taking pictures, and doing a lot of things. :p My dress is has begun the process of alteration, however! After a semi-stressful, long drive through traffic into the city (sort of) I arrived and with pins flashing, Louise managed to put my mind completely at ease. I feel like such a princess and I’m so excited to have it finished. You see, I was worried when the dress first arrived. For starters, I couldn’t tie the back myself, so I couldn’t get a clear picture of the fit, and then there was the bust. Perhaps my measurements were misread?  All I know was there was too much padding and my small figure did NOT fill it out so it looked like I had attempted to stuff a box of lumpy tissues down the front. Getting rid of a an inch or two of fabric and the padding should fix things, though, so I’m excited! I go back for another fitting in May and then the actual sewing begins.

As for other things – the paper for the invitations is here so we’ll have to start on that soon! I may have also figured out what I want to do for centerpieces, but I have to run the idea by Josh first to see what he thinks and crunch a few numbers. I thought of the perfect way to tie in the oriental elements with the lighting elements I also wanted to use! Flowers are pretty much decided on as well for the most part and I’m actually relieved that part is being taken care of by someone else. :p At first I didn’t want to “delegate” at all, but now that’s one huge thing to not have to worry about and Kim and Mike know so much more about flowers than I do.

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  1. leeshaknows

    Hooray! I can't wait to see miss princess in her dress! ;p What did you decide on for flowers? I can't believe how close it's getting!!! Yay!!

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