Here we go again.  It’s never a good thing when my phone starts ringing at work and I see that it’s day care.  I dread answering because it’s never good news, you know?  Today?  Enzo has pink eye… again.  For the past I don’t know how many weeks it’s been circulating through the preschool room despite them disinfecting everything. I would rather get a root canal than go through another round of eye drops with Enzo who acts as though we are torturing him.  It’s going to be a nasty 5 days ahead of us.


It’s bad enough that the rain won’t quit and our high for the day was a whopping 49 degrees.  I give up.  I’m going to bed and will consider waking up when the weather is nice again.  Okay, I’ll stop whining… it is really green thanks to the rain, so there’s that.  It’s also my favorite time of year because of all the springtime babies.  I saw two families of geese crossing busy roads with their large broods of goslings.  The other day I saw this adorable family from a distance as well.


I need a bigger lens so I can get better pictures of this particular eagle and nest.  I don’t want to risk getting too close since eagles really don’t like you too close to their nests and I’ve heard they’ll abandon their nests even.


Well, it’s been a long day and my background soundtrack has been a lot of children’s TV since I needed to get some work done while Enzo convalesced.  I figure we’ll make up for the extra TV by getting out when he’s not infectious this weekend.  Or maybe I’ll put him to work again… he did so good on that shelf that I’m sure I can find something else for him to do. Child labor at it’s finest!



Get out those shovels kids, it’s time to dig!  Oh, and move a pile of rocks… and pull some weeds.  They’re going to earn their keep this weekend!  Just kidding… sort of. 😉  Happy Friday everyone!