Reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty*.  So far I’m enjoying how the characters are starting to show how connected they are and I’m just about to get to the part of the plot that pulls you in to begin with.  Just what exactly does the mysterious letter say? I honestly don’t have any theories, but I’m very curious because of character development.


We finally finished Fringe… sadness.  So now we’re watching Sherlock.  It’s kind of shameful that it took us this long to watch. Admittedly, the long episodes were part of the reason considering we don’t always have a lot of time in the evening, but it’s such a good show!!  The casting is perfect and we’re both big fans now.  I also started watching Scandal after hearing it recommended so many times, and I am now on Season 2.  I thought it was going to be different – more cheesy and sleazy, but I’m really hooked and enjoying it.  More importantly, though, Call the Midwife started Season 4!  I may or may not have cried, but that’s fairly normal. As far as movies go, we’ve watched The Judge, which was good albeit a little slow at times. The Imitation Game was really good and seemed fitting since we’ve been watching a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch lately. It was very interesting and worth a watch.


So many avocados.  I’ve been eating half an avocado almost every day… usually on toast or as a sandwich with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and some sriracha.


Essential oil blends for my aromatherapy course. I’m slowly working on the “client” portion and once I finish my first 2 people, I’ll add on a couple more people.  Its fun creating the blends and figuring out what works with what person as everyone is different.  Sure, I could have skipped the whole certification thing since everyone and their mother is into essential oils right now, but it was important to me to become educated so that way I can safely make recommendations and help others use their oils safely and effectively as well.


Sims 4.  I know… so silly.  I’ve been a fan since the original first came out, though, and Josh bought me the latest version and I’m hooked again.  I really can’t tell you why I like this game so much… it’s such a time waster and doesn’t take any skill.  I had some fun with Enzo, though, and let him help create a person and a house so that’s been fun.  He likes telling his “little boy” where to go and what to do.

Thinking About

Doing some essential oil blogging – perhaps some fun recipes and blends.  I feel a tad overwhelmed lately by projects and things I want/need to do, so I’ve been procrastinating… which is not at all helpful, but is what I always do when feeling overwhelmed. I really just need to pick one or two small things that need doing and slowly it will start to feel less overwhelming.  Perhaps a new routine as well, though those are harder to plan considering that the kiddos are often very unpredictable, which is partially why things have not gotten done. There are nights when the kiddos have trouble getting to sleep, so it’s either up and down the stairs a dozen times or just giving up on whatever because the interruptions are too distracting anyway and flop in front of the TV.  Oh well, I just need to get my motivation back and I’m sure once we get nicer weather again, that will help.


*I’m trying out affiliate links… figured it doesn’t hurt, right?  

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  1. Joanne

    SO glad you’re liking Scandal! It’s my favorite at the moment…though I do need to catch up on my Call the Midwife!! LOVE that show.

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