Drums of Autumn (Book 4 in the Outlander series) and American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  Both are fairly long, so I don’t think I’ll be getting through them quickly.  I’ve actually never read anything by Neil Gaiman before (I know, I know!) but so far American Gods is making me think of Robert McCammon a bit and is making me want to revisit some of my old favorites of his.


We’re still working our way through Supernatural, but also just started watching Catastrophe too. I’m loving the new season of Outlander (those dresses!!) though admittedly, and not surprisingly it is a bit slower due to the nature of the second book. That only means the last episodes are going to be fantastic, though!  As for movies, we’ve watched a few, but most notable was Sisters, which was a blast, and I watched Room, which was really well acted. It’s been a while since I read the book, but it was just as sad as I remember. We also bought Zootopia and it is the kids’ new favorite. It’s a good one if you haven’t watched it yet and especially good with what’s happening in the news as it addresses prejudice and discrimination really well.


My latest haircut, doing girly things like making my nails pretty, fixing up the yard.  It’s not complete, but our yard is looking so much better with each little thing we accomplish. The kids are also having fun watching how much our flowers and plants are growing.


So much, but also trying to live in the moment and not plan too far ahead. Summer is brief, though, so we have to make the most of it and that does mean looking ahead and cramming what we can into each weekend. Okay, maybe not too much since Phoebe and I seem to be the only ones who really want to get out each weekend whereas the boys would rather stay home.


Summer!  The weather has been great and even though it’s getting hot and humid (humidity is not my favorite) we have been having a lot of fun outside. Granted, the mosquitoes are making their appearance, but not even they can ruin this weather.


Trying to cut back on sugar a bit and dairy and carbs and I’ve noticed that I’m not craving them as much, but when I do eat them I’m less likely to go overboard and overindulge because I feel crappy afterwards. I think I have a bit more energy now that I’ve been trying to get more movement into each day and pay a little more attention to what I’m eating and not just mindlessly eat.  Well… mostly. I still have days where I suddenly realize I’ve overdone it and immediately regret it. Haha.


We finally tackled the garage and it is mostly organized, but we could some different shelving and we have a box spring we don’t know what to do with at present.  Now to really finish organizing my office and the guest room.


Big dreams… can’t jinx myself, though, so I’m going to do that annoying vague thing and say big things are coming!

Happy Wednesday!