Dancing in the kitchen…

I don’t really remember how it started or who started it, but it began when Enzo was smaller (then tapered off) and is once again a favorite game of both kids.




There is nothing that gets more smiles than ballroom dancing.  Actual music doesn’t matter, but only ballroom dancing will do and is more exciting when each parent has a child and you pretend to almost run into each other.  Considering neither Josh or I are dancers, running into each other isn’t always on purpose. 😉



While Enzo enjoys solo dancing, he prefers the more chaotic dancing, whereas Phoebe will take both. She likes it so much in fact, that simply standing in the kitchen is often unacceptable and it’s a pretty safe bet that she will reach for your hand and look at you expectantly.



While it can be an exhausting game and leave our arms aching, it’s worth it for the giggles.  It’s also kind of funny/sad because Phoebe is never ready to stop and her sassiness comes out as she sort of screams/cries at you in frustration and won’t let go of your hand. I kind of love how much she loves music, and I’d love it if she wanted to take dance lessons when she was older.  Enzo seems more interested in sports, so it would be fun to have a little dancer (I always wanted to take dance lessons when I was younger).



I’m okay with just kitchen dancing for now, though. They’re growing up fast enough as it is.


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