Random musings about winter, potty training and parenting.

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of like the mild winter we’re having so far.  Sure, a little snow on the ground would be nice to make everything pretty, but a forecast of almost 50 degrees for the weekend?  Seriously?  We will definitely be taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and getting out of the house.


Granted, with potty training, getting out has been… interesting. I know it’ll get easier, but right now we’re definitely still in that phase where accidents do happen now and then.  Also… how the heck do you easily take a little boy into a public bathroom.  We found ourselves in a family bathroom this past weekend and Josh and I looked at the toilet, looked at Enzo, looked at each other and couldn’t figure out what the easiest way would be to get him on the toilet.  Does he sit? Does he stand on the seat?  How the heck do we keep his pants dry? Let’s just say there was some trial and error involved and we’re still not entirely sure what the best way is. Thankfully Enzo found it amusing as well and cooperated as best he could with two somewhat inept parents.


 We’re determined, though! The other tricky part is finding something to do where two toddlers won’t get into too much trouble, oh and that isn’t really expensive.  We can always do the zoo, but it would be nice to do something different.  Once again, though, we don’t want to drive too far considering we don’t want to risk accidents in the car.


Parenting!  Each day seems to bring with it new challenges and fun surprises.  It also seems like Phoebe is ready to slowly start phasing out her morning nap. At day care she sometimes skips it and other days it’s very short so they want to see about cutting it completely. I’m okay with that since it would mean they would both be on the same nap schedule.  Honestly, I’ll be okay with no naps at all.  While the downtime is nice, they’re such a pain because they’re in the middle of the day.  Guess I’m going to have to work on getting our family out the door a lot earlier. 😉

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  1. Joanne

    I never thought about the boys in public bathrooms problem! I guess standing is kind of the best option…but I’m sure he’s so much smaller than those toilets!

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