13 Months

Life with two toddlers is never dull, and I have a feeling it’s going to get crazier once our littlest toddler is walking. She’s getting ever so close with her balance improving daily. She’s able to get up from sitting all on her own, but then once she’s standing isn’t sure what to do except to congratulate herself by clapping and shouting, “Yay!” Sometimes she’ll reach out for you, but instead of moving her foot forward, she falls forward.  I have no doubt that this is exactly what she means to do considering the laughs and smiles that follow as she gets up to do it again.  Meh, walking is overrated anyway. 😉 *Update* I started writing this Wednesday and as of that evening she took a step.  And then proceeded to do the falling face forward game.


There are many things that Phoebe enjoys doing, but one of her favorite games (when not trying to climb things she shouldn’t) is playing with the doorstopper on all the doors because it makes that awesome twang sound.  It’s not unusual to randomly hear a door shut followed by melodious musical renditions.  The only problem is that her brother will often go barreling into the room. Thus far we’ve had few injuries, so at least that.


This girl is such a personality, and is already extremely strong-willed.  She’s not afraid to let you know exactly how she feels about something, and takes delight in doing things her way.  Closed door? I don’t think so! I will pound on that door while shrieking to let you know exactly how I feel about it.


Our Squish is also a big fan of being carried, which can make mornings tricky when all she wants to do is be held and we have to get dressed and ready ourselves while getting her and her brother ready.  I’ve started putting her on the bathroom counter while I do makeup as that tends to keep her occupied and happy for a bit since she can toss everything within reach into the sink or onto the floor.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope she wants to be carried for a good while longer.


She is still drinking 2-3 bottles a day and while I thought we could wean her off of those fairly easily, she isn’t too keen on the idea.  She likes her warm bottle in the morning almost immediately upon waking up and gets cranky and impatient if you take too long with her evening bottle.  She also gets unhappy if it isn’t warmed up enough.  Her teachers are trying to get her to take her 3rd bottle in a sippy cup, but she likes having the bottle right before her nap, so we’ll see how it goes.  Once again, though, I’m not really in a hurry for her to grow up since she’s my last baby.  😉


I think it becomes even more clear how quickly time passes with your youngest (and last).  These milestones are always so bittersweet because I know I can’t keep her small forever.

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