Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.

I won’t lie, it was a very long weekend and what we were hoping was going to be glorious, spontaneous and exciting ended up being slightly painful at times. I’ll post some pictures later, but apparently our timing was off.  Phoebe had a cold, which made her cranky and tired and Enzo… Enzo was being the epitome of a 2 year old.  Not listening at all, being incredibly sassy and overly crazy, and had one of those fun embarrassing meltdowns in front of dozens of other parents and well-behaved children. Needless to say, Monday morning couldn’t come soon enough.  Also, taking antihistamines always makes me feel groggy anyway, but for some reason I’ve been randomly breaking out in hives for a couple of weeks.  My doctor said to try antihistamines for a week and to wait and see if whatever it is will work it’s way out of my system, but apparently it’s time for an allergist.  Woohoo!


Hard to believe those baby blues could ever be anything but charming, right?  HA!  I’m sure it’s just the age, and something we’ll get through.  He really can be sweet and charming when he wants to be, but he can also be so incredibly stubborn at times.  The second mattress cover arrived, so we’ll be taking away pull ups at bedtime, and I’m sure he’ll rebel in the beginning as he’s been rebelling every morning when we say it’s time to change into undies again.



I get it, I’m sure it’s a control thing and right now while we think we’re giving him some control in being able to go potty by himself, he’s probably viewing it as something we’re forcing him to do.  Never mind the treats and stickers and prizes he’s earned for potty victories… nope.  This morning he said he didn’t want any of them, but we’ve made it this far, so there’s no way we’re going back to diapers. I really think it’s just a matter of being inconvenienced by having to stop playing for a few minutes that he doesn’t like.



Oh, these tricky toddlers.  They can make you want to pull out your hair one minute and then do something incredibly sweet the next.  This weekend wasn’t one of our finest parenting moments – we both lost our tempers more than once, especially after a certain someone slammed his sister’s fingers in a drawer after being told several times to stop playing with said drawers. Was there a full moon or something I wasn’t aware of because man alive, he’s never been this naughty before. Okay, vent/rant over.  Seriously, though… parenting is hard sometimes, and I’n not going to pretend it isn’t.


Be that as it may, he’s my little terror, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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  1. Joanne

    I’m sure it’s not super fun as you’re living through it, but remember it’s just a phase! I’m sure he’ll be your little angel again soon. 😛

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