Day in the Life – Fall

It’s time for another Day in the Life post!


Josh – 37
Heather – 34
Enzo – 4.5
Phoebe – 2 (almost 3)
Ziggy – 14
Uzi – 12
Vega – 1

As usual, I took photos on a weekend (this past Sunday to be precise) since it’s easier and usually more interesting than following me on a day at work.  Let’s do this!

Phoebe and I slept in until 6:30ish then I stayed in bed a little longer. I had a restless night, but after about 15 minutes made my way to the living room.  Everyone was on their various screens already, so I went and flopped on the couch.


Soon, though, I was hungry and I decided to make muffins, but they really aren’t the same from a box.  Next time I’ll make them from scratch.  Typically Enzo and Phoebe have zero patience when it comes to breakfast in the morning and want to eat right away, so it was kind of amazing they agreed to wait for these to bake.


There’s nothing better than that first cup of coffee.


We didn’t have any plans, so it was a nice stay-at-home sort of day with some cleaning and laundry and randomness.  I (as usual) didn’t take notes of any kind, so I can’t remember the exact events of the day.


At some point I remembered that I was going to use the crock pot for dinner and thankfully it was just a 5 hour recipe.  I decided to browse pinterest a bit and drink more coffee because coffee makes everything better.


The kids decided to show off their hula hooping skills at one point, but I had to go and show them up. Sorry, no pictures of that glorious moment. 😉




Poor dude was trying to keep his sister out of his room and pinched his finger in the door.  We’re working on asking nicely when it comes to someone doing something he doesn’t like, but in his defense, Phoebe does like to push his buttons.  We iced his finger with the “Boo Boo Bunny” and got him a snack.


I also discovered why my apron keeps ending up on the floor… it’s not Phoebe after all, but Vega.


Ah, the sight of someone else cleaning.  Ha ha. And the crock pot being prepped for delicious Butter Chicken.


As usual the kids bounced around from activity to activity, but Enzo played with his Legos a lot this day. I love seeing what he’ll create.


Phoebe loves to color, so we always end up pulling out coloring books. She usually wants me to color with her, but she micro manages and dictates what colors I should use and where… generally nowhere so I get to sit there and pretend to color… sort of.


Since it was Sunday, Josh turned on some football and the kids watched… er… ate chips with him for about 10 minutes before they were done with that.


Then they had some real food for lunch and I told them they could hop up in my bed and watch a show since they don’t really nap on the weekends anymore unless we’re driving and they’re lulled to sleep that way.


Apparently the game wasn’t that interesting since he kept dosing off? 🙂


Thankfully it was warmer on Sunday, and you could tell by how badly Uzi wanted outside.  Once I opened the door for him, the other cats and Enzo and Phoebe were quick to follow.  I can’t blame them… it was a tad brisk, but really nice.





At some point both kids ended up without shirts on. Enzo started it and Phoebe has to do what he does at all times.




The kids are loving the new fish we got and love to help feed them.  Some days they just let Josh do it, but this day they both wanted in on the action. It’s funny how different each fish is and they know exactly when it’s feeding time…. especially Patooey.






Now to find a way to keep them from swinging from Enzo’s bed. Seriously, we need a gym downstairs for them.  They climb on everything, jump from everything, and attempt to flip and roll off of everything.


Suddenly it was time to prep the rest of dinner – rice for the Butter Chicken and veggies.  Most importantly, though, it was wine time.


I though the chicken came out good.  Josh was meh about it and the kids wanted nothing to do with it. Figures.


Before I knew it, it was time for bed. No pictures during the chaos, but Phoebe passed out right after we read, which is fairly typical since she didn’t have a nap.  I came out to the kitchen and dimmed the light and soon Enzo came out to get water. Gotta stretch those last few tasks out, right?


I hung out with Vega and watched Phoebe on the monitor and waited for Enzo to fall asleep.


Then it was time for my new favorite treat!  Vanilla ice cream with apple butter and caramel sauce topped with whipped cream.  It’s heaven.


Vega and Uzi were sitting at my feet waiting for whipped cream so I decided to spoil them and gave them each their own little cup.  #catlady


Josh then did his own thing while I decided to do my own thing.  I’m re-watching Outlander so I ate my snack and watched another episode of that.


Then played some of my game (No Man’s Sky) until Phoebe woke up and stumbled her way into our bed. I think she got too hot because she was pretty sweaty, so she curled up next to me and was out pretty fast.


Another Sunday complete.

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