Day In The Life – Spring Edition

It’s time for another Day In The Life post!  I decided to use the new camera again, but I’m still getting used to it (which explains some of the graininess and whatnot).


Josh – 37 years old

Heather – 34 years old

Enzo – 4 years old (for 2 more weeks)

Phoebe – 3 years old

Ziggy – 14, Uzi, 12, Vega 1

In typical fashion our Saturday started early.  Enzo and Josh were up first because Enzo is not a fan of sleeping in, and I stayed snuggled up in bed with Phoebe for a while longer until she woke up wanting to know where Daddy was.  She then dramatically whined that she wanted Enzo and Daddy to go back to bed, cuddled with me and then started talking about how she wanted a pink house with pink duckies and penguins to snuggle.  Then she asked if I would get up and play with her.

So, I crawled out of bed and our day began.

I don’t know how kids just wake up and go go go.  As soon as we walked into the playroom, she started pulling out ponies and I just kind of sat waiting for the sleep to leave my eyes.

Vega soon wandered into the room as well, probably wanting breakfast.

At some point I talked Phoebe into letting me go get some coffee and check out the sunrise.  I knew it was going to be a beautiful day and the birds were happily chirping outside.

Coffee and a book.  Someday, Someday, Maybe is one of those easy reads I figured I’d try out since I like Lauren Graham.

I went and snuggled up on the couch with Enzo while Phoebe played… somewhere and Josh I think was with her.

He doesn’t snuggle that often anymore, so I’m all over these moments when he out of the blue comes and sits as close to me as possible. Alas, I had to get up at some point, so he sat with his Dad and they both played video games for a while.

I checked on Phoebe who was in our bed and asked if she still wanted to go to Costco with me (she did), so I figured I’d better get things moving so we could get there earlier rather than later.

Time to feed the kitties!

And myself… blurry, but yummy and satisfying.

But first, some unexpected Enzo and Ziggy hugs. All of the cats were super affectionate and have been for the past week or so. I’m guessing they know we’re leaving on vacation and even though they’ll have people visitors… well it’s never quite the same.

My Uzi boy.  Whoever said that cats are not as affectionate as dogs, has not met Uzi.  He loves his snuggles.

Time to hit the road and head to Costco!  I didn’t get any pictures there… too much chaos.

We made a random stop at Target and decided to finally get the bikes that the kids have been asking for.  Hey, you have to spend the tax return on some fun stuff, right?  Love having the van for these precise reasons – you never know when you’ll need a vast amount of trunk space.

We went inside to grab some lunch – a yummy smoothie for me.

Josh began the fun process of putting together the bikes!  Not an easy task when you have two very excited children wanting to both help and play with all of the various bike parts.  Wee!

Kitty was also very happy about bike tassels… I later found one in her poop. Sigh.

Finally!  Time to test these bad boys out!

Alas, Phoebe’s bike choice was a little taller than Enzo’s, so she may need to do a little growing before she can easily ride it.

Already trying to do some tricks.  Haha!

While the kids played, I got to the task I’ve been meaning to tackle for a while… cleaning out the van. It’s much improved now, but I really need to get it professionally detailed… my vacuum is not nearly heavy duty enough. Almost done!

I also somehow managed to bang up my ankle.  I suddenly felt blood trickling down into my sock and first thought was just… my one pair of white socks, go figure.

Before I knew it, it was time to get the dough ready for pizza, so I ran inside to do that.

The kids were tired from all of the running around, so they grabbed their kindles and Josh played more Zelda.

At some point I noticed that Phoebe was very quiet and found her passed out in our bed.

We did a little cleaning…

Ziggy hung out and did cat things…

Finally!  Time to make pizza!

We decided to watch a little Planet Earth with our pizza. We really need to get Planet Earth 2!

The kids chose caves, and were sort of into it, but I think they would have enjoyed something that focused a little more on animals.  They got a tad bored.

So bored that Phoebe decided she was over it and instead started dancing around and singing Can’t Stop the Feeling.

We wound things down and suddenly bedtime was upon us… how does that happen so fast some days?  Both kids were tired from all the running around outside.

Poor Enzo was at that point where he was cranky and it was a little bit of a rough evening when it came time to turn off the lights. I partially blame it on letting him play a little too many video games that day… we’re usually better about balancing it, but it is what it is.

I think I ended up falling asleep early that night as well.  Maybe we just all needed a little extra rest especially since Enzo has been pretty stuffed up lately.  Well, that was a random spring day, so see you in a few months for another DITL!

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  1. Jo

    This is the second DITL post that I’ve read with a Lauren Graham book featured in it. I’m going to take it as a sign to read one of her books.

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